LATTICE illustration


Launching Academics on the Tenure-Track: an Intentional Community in Engineering (LATTICE), a joint effort between the University of Washington, North Carolina State University, and California Polytechnic State University, is a national program to advance faculty diversity in engineering. LATTICE includes a professional development intervention and a research study to understand why the intervention works. LATTICE was created in 2015 with funding from an NSF ADVANCE award (HRD-1500310).

LATTICE seeks to positively impact early-career women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and early-career underrepresented minority women in Engineering who are interested in faculty careers. LATTICE participants will gain a stronger sense of career self-efficacy and sense of belonging through a combination of symposia, peer networks, and other support structures over a two-year period. The long-term goal of LATTICE is to diversify the national engineering faculty population.

30 participants have been selected to attend the first LATTICE symposium in May 2017.

The LATTICE team is grateful to Logo: National Science Foundation and Logo: Google for partial support of participants' travel to LATTICE I.